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Disadvantaged businesses seeking assistance in East Baton Rouge must apply for this program. All applicants must be registered as a vendor with the City/Parish of East Baton Rouge prior to applying.  To register, visit the City/Parish of East Baton Rouge Vendor Self-Service system.

First time applicants for EBR SEDBE certification must complete and submit a certification application (document 1 below) and a personal net worth statement (document 2 below). These documents should be filled out completely. If you fail to submit a completed application, your application may be delayed and/or denied.

If you are already a certified DBE, you only need to complete and submit the attestation to your social and economic disadvantage (document 3 below) defining how you are socially and economically disadvantaged. You are also required to submit your current LAUCP (DBE) approval letter and certificate with your statement of social and economic disadvantage.  Additional information and supporting documents may be requested after submission of these items.


Download the relevant forms linked below and email the completed forms to

  1. Application for the City/Parish of East Baton Rouge Social and Economic Disadvantaged Business Enterprise

  2. Personal Net Worth Statement for the EBRSEDBE Program Eligibility

  3. Statement of Social and Economic Disadvantage

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